Their goods and services can quickly become commodities, forcing them to innovate continually.
As a result, they face a number of crucial strategic and operational challenges.

– How can we become an innovation leader and capture higher margins?
– How can we rapidly reduce cost in order to counter constant price declines?


Mobile markets are reaching saturation. Telecom companies are entering the IT business and adopting different business models that may dilute margins. In this turbulent environment, telecom companies must address several core questions

– What role should we play in the media ecosystem?
– When and where should we invest in infrastructure, such as fiber?

Hebronstar Competencies

– Protection of valuable intellectual property rights
– Make, buy, or partner decisions across a deconstructed value chain
– Coordination of global capabilities and scale with local market knowledge
– A fresh perspective on industry trends and best practices developed through our global and local network of experts
– A “collaborative while challenging” teaming model that leaves clients with greater skills


The current financial crisis and the responses of financial institutions – capital infusions, portfolio actions, and initial-cost takeouts?have been well documented. But the crisis has done more than destroy value. It has redefined what financial institutions must do to compete and win.

Health Care

Biopharmaceutical companies face a broad set of challenges and a dynamic environment.They are pressured by increasingly sophisticated and price-sensitive customers, regulatory regimes that are more conservative than before.