Energy & Environment

The energy and environment sectors have experienced tremendous worldwide change over the past decade, and the landscape will continue to alter as new trends in economics, geopolitics, industry behavior, technology, and emissions regulations emerge.

– How do we adapt to new policy frameworks that are developing as a result of restructuring, deregulation, and corporate consolidation?
– Should we explore growth strategies? Should we invest in areas such as large capital .projects, new infrastructure needs, or new technologies to secure future energy supply in a carbon-constrained world?

Hebronstar Competencies

Developing a set of approaches and tools to help clients navigate the increasing uncertainties and complexities of the industry Driving innovation in key industry issues. We work collaboratively with our clients, developing tttconcrete solutions for all types of companies。


The automotive industry is going through the most challenging period in its history. Sales from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are in decline all over the world, and excess capacity and environmental pressures add to the challenge.


The current financial crisis and the responses of financial institutions – capital infusions, portfolio actions, and initial-cost takeouts?have been well documented. But the crisis has done more than destroy value. It has redefined what financial institutions must do to compete and win.