Seizing Opportunities in the Indonesia’s Capital City Relocation: A New Potential for Foreign Investment


Indonesia New Capital City: Nusantara



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AMI Market in South Korea

What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?

It is an integrated…
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LNG power developers in troubled waters

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) power has been considered a major…
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Labor shortage plagues Vietnam industries

Both foreign and local companies in various industries continue…
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Dairy firms increase product prices as input costs surge

Customers are paying more for milk and milk products as Vietnamese…
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Indonesia central bank governor flags earliest rate hike in Q3

Indonesia’s central bank may raise interest rates in the current…
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Indonesia to start chicken exports to Singapore amid shortage

Indonesia will start exporting chicken to Singapore this week,…
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Indonesia’s Q2 FDI Jumps Nearly 40%, Biggest Rise in a Decade

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Indonesia rose 39.7% annually…
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The opportunity to change towards ‘Cashless Society’ in Vietnam

‘Cash Society’ in Vietnam
Undeniably, current Vietnam’s…
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The rapid growth of e-cigarettes in Korea

In the past five years, the share of e-cigarettes in the domestic…
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As technology development the speed of industries growth has…
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Chinese Live Commerce Market 101

Live commerce is the method of introducing and selling products…
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AR-VR in the Online Events of Vietnam



Just as new opportunities rise within the…
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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: The New Trend?


1. Overview
The application of Artificial…
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1. Vietnam Business under Covid-19 impact
Covid-19 has strong…
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Vietnam – where the global value chain reshaping is opportunity

1. Executive summary:
The article illustrates the short-term…
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“If you want to grow a small but strong company, you need a ‘Seoul-type’ management consulting company”


Visiting 'Hebronstar', a certified company for…
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PCR test now mandatory for domestic flights as Health Ministry seeks to minimize false negatives

Even if you’re fully vaccinated, you now have to take the PCR…
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Indonesia formulates energy transition roadmap to achieve net zero emissions

Indonesia has created a roadmap for energy transition to achieve…
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Nail Cosmetic Potential in the Indonesia and Vietnam Markets


Southeast Asia is one of the potential continents for…
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