WB: Vietnam’s growth outlook remains positive

Growth slower from external factors but future looks bright,…
七月 12, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Vietnam’s population hits 96 million

Central Steering Committee for Population and Housing Census…
七月 12, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

First White Book on Vietnamese businesses set for release

White Book to be published on MPI and GSO websites on July 22…
七月 12, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Jakarta’s offices empty with 218 hectares unoccupied

Unoccupied office space in Jakarta remains plentiful, with 23.8…
七月 1, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Indonesia : OJK approves S. Korean finance firm, Bank Dinar, Oke Indonesia merger

South Korean finance firm APRO Financial Co. Ltd has obtained…
七月 1, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Indonesia : Experts warn of hot money outflows as foreign players start to invest

Foreign investors have started investing in Indonesia’s capital…
七月 1, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Vietnam Laminate Floorboard Industry: Brand Anarchy

The competition in various global industries experiences…
六月 28, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Hebronstar has been re-registered as an advisory organization for the M & A transaction information network

Hebronstar has been re-registered as an advisory organization…
六月 20, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Towards plastic alternatives

New opportunities will come to plastic and packaging producers…
六月 17, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Keeping an eye on air quality

One Vietnamese startup is set to launch a solution that monitors…
六月 17, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Automakers on road to prosperity

Large Vietnamese automakers are striving to lead the country's…
六月 17, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

CEO Kim, Hyung Jin awarded an exemplary model prize at the ‘2019 the Small and Medium Business Chairman Conference’

Hebronstar Strategy Consultants Co., Ltd. Representative…
五月 28, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Seven interesting things that happened in Indonesia’s e-commerce scene

Indonesia's e-commerce scene is surely an exciting one. Last…
五月 27, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Indonesia e-marketplace Tokopedia launches new warehousing service for merchants

Homegrown e-marketplace Tokopedia launched on Wednesday a new…
五月 27, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Indonesia Election : KPU names Jokowi winner of election

The General Elections Commission (KPU) has officially declared…
五月 27, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

호찌민시 투자유치 중점분야

- 호찌민시의 2019년 개발 과제는 교통 인프라와…
五月 27, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

“‘한국형 규제 샌드박스’ 지원 아끼지 않을 것”

규제 샌드박스로 기업의 기본권과 소비자의 선택권이…
五月 27, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

중국 암호화폐 시계는 거꾸로 간다?

중국 모바일 메신저 위챗이 플랫폼 내 암호화폐…
五月 27, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Seeking local support

The foreign-invested sector continues to play a pivotal role…
五月 20, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

Leverage knowledge

2018 was another milestone year of growth for Vietnam, with GDP…
五月 20, 2019/通过: hebronstarweb

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