Hebronstar diagnosis focuses on organization’s vision and goal to reengineer the organization structure and to establish operating plan related to HR.

Organization Structure

Elimination of inefficient working practices to form futuristic organization structure with better decision-making.

Performance Measurement & KPI

Performance evaluation system is important in order to lead changes in long-term organization/HR and to have innovative business strategy. Moreover, via objective-based KPI, we provide systematic administration solutions for important goals.


Hebronstar supports clients’ various marketing and business related issues. Marketing strategy is lasting, innovative and requires continuous improvement. Unfolding should be progressive and integrative and all functions of marketing needs to be rightfully adjusted and organized. Moreover, marketing strategy is an analysis consisted of strategic opportunity, appropriate strategic plan
and unfolding of the organization as a whole.


To create a strategic and sustainable long-term approach to constant renewal, Hebronstar also has a special focus on business model innovation. Whether we are transforming a company’s core business model or designing new business models to capture growth from new segments or markets, Hebronstar incorporates creativity, analytical rigor, deep industry knowledge, and rich insights from the study of transformative models.