As today, the setting of a corporate vision, which is uncertain and subject to many changes, is emerging as an important issue more than ever.
Strategies and tactics must be flexible enough to effectively respond to changes in the environment and circumstances around the enterprise, but the vision must be firm.

Hebronstar☆ Consultants help the top management of companies to identify issues, develop and materialize ideas.
In this process, consultants understand the market, trend, competitive landscape, customers, and corporate organization from a comprehensive perspective, and based on this, establish future strategic directions and develop strategic tasks.
In doing so, your business will find plans and approaches that can be successfully implemented.

Corporate Vision & Strategy

It is a process of developing a vision for the customer 10 years from now in consideration of changes in the external market and competitive position in the market, and developing various tactics and initiatives to achieve it.

Globalization Strategy

We support strategies for companies to enter overseas markets and grow. We support successful business execution in overseas markets, such as customer needs research on overseas markets, supply chain research, competition research, and sales channel acquisition.

Enterprise Management Strategy

We present a plan for realizing the optimal structure and efficient mechanism to create synergy at the group and company level.

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision Strategy

Funding allocation, asset structuring, business exits, and strategic research are all critical to the success of a company’s asset strategy.

Retail Service

Engagement Cases

  • Green Growth (Planning Strategy for Green Growth and CDM Secure)
  • Organization Redesign (Redesigning Mid, Long-Term Organization Structure and Establishing Management System)
  • Financial Management (Planning Project for Financial Management System)
  • Organization Capability (Planning Project Strengthening Organization Capability)
  • New Growth Engine (Project to Developing New Growth Engine)
  • Business Portfolio (Planning Strategy of Business Portfolio)
Corporte Finance

Corporte Finance

Corporate finance is often not dealt with strategic viewpoint. However, financing, financial
restructuring, business withdrawal, financial inspection are ingredients to success in corporate finance.