ERP Store solution launched

An electronic business connecting center called ERP Store, a…
8월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

Improvements needed at suppliers of MNCs

Located at the Quang Minh Industrial Park in Hanoi’s Me Linh…
8월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

E-commerce an expensive endeavor

The Vietnam-based business-to-customer (B2C) e-commerce platform…
8월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

Logistics must grow for e-commerce

The logistics sector is a crucial factor in Vietnam’s e-commerce…
8월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

Vietnam wants more ecological IZs

By December 2017, Vietnam had 326 IZs and export processing zones…
7월 23, 2018/작성자: tester

Gov’t Inspectorate proposes new contract for HCM City waste treatment complex

In a report and recommendations to the Prime Minister, the Inspectorate…
7월 16, 2018/작성자: tester

Textile & dyeing projects unwelcome because of environmental risks

One of the biggest problems of the textile and garment industry,…
7월 16, 2018/작성자: tester

Green construction materials gaining ground

An inevitable trend Green building, or sustainable development…
7월 16, 2018/작성자: tester

Hebron Star Ventures, Global Demo Day ADVANCE 6 in SEOUL successfully closing

Hebronstar Ventures successfully hosted a demo day and networking…
7월 6, 2018/작성자: hebronstarweb

Hebronstar wins High Seoul Brand Leading Company Award

  The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul…
6월 27, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

대구특구 유망 연구소기업 투자유치 확대

6월 26일  ‘기술금융네트워크’ 개최 투자 선정업체에…
6월 27, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

글로벌 데모데이 시리즈 Advance 6 in Seoul에 초대합니다!

어드밴스 1부터 시작해 5까지 성공적으로 마친…
6월 25, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

SBA, 하이서울브랜드 신규기업 지정서 수여 및 우수기업 시상식 개최

수출우수, 일자리 창출, 고속성장, 사회공헌 등…
6월 25, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타벤처스, ‘디자인유레카 2018’ 성공적 마무리

헤브론스타벤처스 운영으로 지난 25일 성남…
6월 22, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

Green energy projects in Vietnam still struggling

Bui Vinh Thang, business developer at Mainstream Renewable Power,…
6월 12, 2018/작성자: tester

Solutions sought to boost foreign investment in government bonds

In the first five month of 2018, foreigners bought 1.5 trillion…
6월 12, 2018/작성자: tester

PM praises WB, IMF’s support for Vietnam’s development

The Vietnamese leader had separate meetings with the WB’s Chief…
6월 12, 2018/작성자: tester

Public outcry challenges special economic zone lease lengths

Talking to the media on June 7 on the sidelines of the ongoing…
6월 12, 2018/작성자: tester

헤브론스타벤처스, 글로벌 액셀러레이팅 참가업체 OT 성공리에 진행

스타트업 액셀러레이팅 업체 헤브론스타벤처스는…
5월 29, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타컨설팅그룹 윤기옥 부사장, 서울사무소 파트너로 영입

글로벌 경영컨설팅 전문사 헤브론스타가 윤기옥…
5월 29, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

Imports, domestically-assembled cars in battle for market share

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has stirred up the market by…
5월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

Manufacturing retains its dominant position in FDI projects

Vietnam’s foreign direct investment (FDI) landscape was in…
5월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

Motorbikes to be labelled with energy consumption

This is a key content of a draft circular on energy labelling…
5월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

Global shoe manufacturers shift sourcing from China to Vietnam

According to newswire Reuters, at the annual shareholders’…
5월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

액셀러레이터가 말하는 글로벌 콘텐츠스타트업

“콘텐츠 스타트업에게 글로벌 진출은 선택이…
4월 23, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

VN Government determines to reduce logistics costs currently making up one fifth of GDP

The Government will convene a conference next week to seek ways…
4월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

Bringing waterway transport to its full potential

VietNamNet Bridge – One of transport sector’s current goals…
4월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

Insurers have role to play in infrastructure investment

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, the ASEAN Insurance…
4월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

Vietnam to strive for sustainable use of water resources in Mekong River

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc participated in the…
4월 17, 2018/작성자: tester

2018 글로벌 액셀러레이터 콘퍼런스 개최

◇2018 글로벌 액셀러레이터 콘퍼런스&데모데이=한국콘텐츠진흥원이…
4월 12, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

Secondhand car platform Ggulcar raises funding from Hebronstar Ventures

Founder: Jongsoo Oh Founded in: 2016 Financing status:…
4월 5, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

인도네시아 정수기 시장의 발전 가능성 3가지_ver2

동남아 시장 전체가 급성장하고 있는 가운데,…
3월 23, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

H-Camp 스포츠산업 창업지원센터 창업교육생 모집

헤브론스타벤처스가 스포츠 산업 관련 분야의…
3월 20, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타, 베트남에서 글로벌 데모데이 ‘Advance M in Saigon’ 성황리 개최

헤브론스타어드밴스는 국내 스타트업들과 베트남…
3월 20, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

HCMC to raise environmental protection fee against strong opposition

HCMC collects VND8 billion a year from environmental protection…
3월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

Environmental tax should help environment

The Ministry of Finance has recently proposed an increase in…
3월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

Now the right time for solar developers & suppliers to seize opportunities

Mr. Paul English (Photo: GE) As both local and international…
3월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

EU provides support for sustainable energy development

The European Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Trade…
3월 14, 2018/작성자: tester

인도네시아 정수기 시장의 발전 가능성

인도네시아 정수기 시장의 발전 가능성   동남아…
3월 8, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

Equity Crowdfunding Market Entry in South Korea

Background Crowdfunding market in South Korea has been formed…
2월 12, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

Establishment of Foreign Law Firm in Vietnam

Vietnam: A Destination for International Business The…
2월 9, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타벤처스, 中 공인 액셀러레이터 대공방과 MOU

스타트업 투자 및 육성 전문 엑셀러레이터 헤브론스타벤처스(대표…
2월 9, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타벤처스 “스타트업 멘토를 찾습니다”

헤브론스타벤처스가 운영하는 액셀러레이팅 프로그램…
2월 9, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

GoBear to open regional code unit in HCMC

GoBear, Asia’s first and only metasearch engine for insurance…
2월 6, 2018/작성자: tester

Raging competition on e-commerce market promises to heat further up

A competitive market After a long time of negotiations,,…
2월 6, 2018/작성자: tester

Startups expect to attract more investors

Vietnamese startups expect to attract more investors this year,…
2월 6, 2018/작성자: tester

Clever forever

A smart area project in Hanoi costing more than $4 billion has…
2월 6, 2018/작성자: tester

항노화(Anti-aging) 산업 동향

1) 항노화산업의 정의 및 분류 ❍ 항노화산업의…
1월 19, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

Government calls for framework on cryptocurrencies

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue has urged the State Bank…
1월 11, 2018/작성자: tester

Businesswomen address challenges amid Industry 4.0

There are more and more businesswomen leading enterprises by…
1월 11, 2018/작성자: tester

Eye to the future

The technology boom of recent times has, generally, had a positive…
1월 11, 2018/작성자: tester

Way to pay

It was a rainy winter’s day and Ms. Trang Nguyen, a primary…
1월 11, 2018/작성자: tester

VR/AR 동향

ㅇ 2014년 페이스북의 오큘러스 인수 이후 VR/AR에…
1월 11, 2018/작성자: hebronstar

라이노브파트너즈, 헤브론스타벤처스로부터 투자유치

헤브론스타벤처스㈜(대표 김민욱)는 라이노브파트너즈(대표…
12월 20, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타벤처스, 비욘드리밋에 투자

헤브론스타벤처스㈜(대표 김민욱)가 비욘드리밋(대표…
12월 20, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Uber partners with MoMo in payments

Ride-hailing platform Uber and Vietnamese FinTech MoMo have announced…
12월 13, 2017/작성자: tester

Lazada the top choice for online shoppers

Lazada has become the top choice among online shoppers in Thailand,…
12월 13, 2017/작성자: tester

First Peer-to-Peer lending platform starts trial

The VAY MUON Joint Stock Company (JSC) launched a trial run of…
12월 13, 2017/작성자: tester

Big data the future of supply chain management and logistics

In the age of digitalization, cloud computing, and the Internet…
12월 13, 2017/작성자: tester

베트남으로 간 헤브론스타 데모데이

스타트업 엑셀러레이터 헤브론스타가 국내외…
11월 28, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Hebronstar Ventures sign MOU with Hite Jinro to identify and promote startups

Hebronstar Ventures a VC known to identify and promote promising…
11월 21, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Hebronstar Ventures, sign MOU with Hite Jinro to identify and promote startups

Hebronstar Ventures a VC known to identify and promote promising…
11월 21, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Bitcoin regulation headaches reemerge in Vietnam

The question Bitcoin regulation is back on the table in Vietnam…
11월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

VN CEOs brimming with confidence: survey

Done by auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCopper (PwC), the survey…
11월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

Vietnamese smart cities start with infrastructure

Through infrastructure improvements in areas like transportation,…
11월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

Industry 4.0 offers numerous challenges to SMEs

The workshop, organised by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and…
11월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

Workshop updates start-ups on new tech trends

Start-ups in Việt Nam can now seek opportunities to apply the…
10월 17, 2017/작성자: tester

Vietnamese women in fascinating start-up culture

Research used to support the “Gender Mainstreaming Strategy”…
10월 17, 2017/작성자: tester

Vietnam aims to become startup destination in APEC

The Vietnamese Government has set a target of having one million…
10월 16, 2017/작성자: tester

VPBank launches VPBank StartUp project

The Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) has officially launched…
10월 16, 2017/작성자: tester

Automobile Convenience

◈ Definition and Categorization of Automobile comfort device Automobile…
9월 22, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

한콘진, 글로벌 콘텐츠 액셀러레이터 ‘스타트업 네트워킹 데이’ 성료

(재)글로벌청년창업가재단, 헤브론스타벤처스㈜…
9월 14, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

P&G hosts Leadership College workshop for SMEs, launches “Signal Accelerator”

Procter & Gamble (P&G) hosted the P&G Leadership…
9월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

AgriTech accelerator for Mekong Sub-region launched

A new agritech accelerator will harness entrepreneurship and…
9월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

Local startups struggling to attract funding

Like many of its startups, Vietnam is navigating an array of…
9월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

Co-working space an affordable alternative

Leasing co-working space is more cost-efficient for small businesses…
9월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

[톡톡 이상품] 헤브론스타 / 글로벌전략 컨설팅 서비스

대한민국은 블룸버그 혁신 지수에서 최근 3년간…
9월 12, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

올해 안에 액셀러레이터협회 생긴다

이르면 올해 안에 한국 대표 액셀러레이터기업들이…
8월 24, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Mekong Capital fund invests in education concern

Mekong Capital’s Mekong Enterprise Fund III has invested $4.9…
8월 18, 2017/작성자: tester

Blue HK invests in Beta Media

Startup Beta Media, which builds inexpensive cinemas in smaller…
8월 18, 2017/작성자: tester

헤브론스타 / 글로벌전략 컨설팅 서비스

국내기업 300곳 해외진출 해결사 한 기업이…
8월 9, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Google Developers Launchpad Studio to support startups

The world’s largest search engine, Google, has recently announced…
8월 9, 2017/작성자: tester

Uber CTO to consult startups

The Chief Technology Officer at Uber, Mr. Thuan Pham, a Vietnamese…
8월 9, 2017/작성자: tester

중소벤처부 ‘혁신창업’ 팁스(TIPS) 운영사 10곳 추가 선정

중소벤처기업부가 스타트업 보육 플랫폼 팁스(TIPS·Tech…
8월 1, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

스타트업 엑셀러레이터 헤브론스타벤처스, H-Camp 4기 모집

서울시와 SBA(서울산업진흥원, 대표이사 주형철)가…
8월 1, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

유망 해외진출 콘텐츠社 발굴…’엑셀러레이팅 설명회’

한국콘텐츠진흥원이 해외진출을 목표로 하는…
7월 26, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

경남도, 해양 항노화산업 육성전략 수립 연구용역 추진

경남도는 남해안의 우수한 해양자원을 활용해…
7월 25, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

문체부, 스포츠산업 창업 지원센터 6개소 선정

문화체육관광부(이하 문체부)가 국민체육진흥공단과…
7월 25, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Five startups in finals of nursery program

Five Vietnamese travel startups have qualified to pitch their…
7월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

First co-working space for all startup activities opens

The Vuon - Luxury Garden Office, a co-working space belonging…
7월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

Northern startups reach US Embassy’s National Competition

At the Northern Regional Competition of the US Embassy in Vietnam’s…
7월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

Uber Policy Director meets local startups

More than 100 Vietnamese startups and technology students met…
7월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

2017 청년벤처포럼 ‘어!벤처스’ 사전 설명회 개최

2017청년벤처포럼 '어!벤처스'설명회가 오는 19일 롯데엑셀러레이터에서 진행된다. 이번 설명회는 대회 소개에 이어 모어댄 최이현 대표 등 작년도에 수상한 3개팀과 수원대학교 제2창학위원장 이남식
6월 20, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

강감창 시의원 “미래성장동력, AR-VR 융합통한 상상산업”

[KNS뉴스통신=장효남 기자]서울특별시의회 강감창 의원(송파, 자유한국당)이 12일 'AR VR 신기술을 활용한 서울시 문화콘텐츠산업 활성화방안 연구용역' 착수보고회에 참석해 "4차산업 도래에 대비한
6월 20, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Mekong Delta startup valley takes shape

Speaking at the event, Director of VCCI Can Tho Vo Hung Dung stressed that the Mekong Delta region is orinted to develop into a "startup vally", inspired by the US model of
6월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

Start-up of Vietnam’s Nghi Son oil refinery delayed to 2018

The 200,000 barrels-per-day (bpd) oil refinery is now planning to start commercial operations in the first quarter of 2018, according to a notice on the website for Deputy Prime
6월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

Vietnam’s doctor consulting app wins startup support from Google

The support is part of the Launchpad Accelerator program initiated…
6월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

Tink Labs provides online travel solution in Vietnam

Tink Labs Limited, one of Hong Kong’s most successful startups…
6월 14, 2017/작성자: tester

헤브론스타, 베트남서 투자자-스타트업 네트워킹 행사 마련

글로벌 데모데이 ' Advance Saigon' 개최…베트남 정부기관 참여 눈길 서울시와 SBA(서울산업진흥원, 대표이사 주형철)가 지원하는 서울시 우수기업 공동브랜드인 ‘하이서울브랜드’ 기업 ㈜헤브론스타(대표이사 김형진)는 지난 4월12~14일 베트남 호치민에서 글로벌 데모데이
5월 22, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Innovative tourism startups to attend boot camp

The Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) and the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) have announced that eleven innovative tourism startups from Vietnam have
5월 5, 2017/작성자: tester

Da Nang among fastest emerging startup scenes in region

Da Nang is one of five cities in Southeast Asia with the fastest emerging startup scenes, according to the latest report from JLL, joining Malaysia’s Penang, Thailand’s Chiang
5월 5, 2017/작성자: tester

Sales drive

Mr. Hung Anh, who works at Military Bank, wanted to sell his car, a Ford Everest, but found it wasn’t so easy. He posted an ad on Facebook, Instagram, and some automobile
5월 5, 2017/작성자: tester

Well-worn strategy

Vietnamese footwear startup sShoe made a solid first impression…
5월 5, 2017/작성자: tester

Hebronstar successfully held a global demo day ‘Advance Saigon’ in April, Vietnam

‘Advance Saigon’, a global demo day for Korean and Vietnamese…
4월 25, 2017/작성자: tester

헤브론스타, 제 3회 타겟리서치 공개 세미나 참석

지난 4월 14일, 코엑스 컨퍼런스룸에서 산업통상부 주최 KITIA 주관으로 제 3회 타겟리서치 공개 세미나(주제 : 산업혁명과 소재부품기업의 미래)가 있었습니다. 헤브론스타에서도 정재훈부사장님께서 참석하셔서
4월 21, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Global A.I.M 스타트업 모집

미래창조과학부가 주최하고 연구개발특구재단이 주관, H-Camp가 함께하는 글로벌 엑셀러레이팅 지원사업(Global AIM)에 참가할 스타트업을 모집합니다.
4월 12, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Uber to support local startups

Ride-hailing provider Uber kicked off a startup initiative in Vietnam called UberExchange on March 14. It also entered into a cooperative arrangement with the Vietnam Youth
4월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

Co-working spaces flourishing in Southeast Asia

With its low cost of living, young tech-savvy workforce, and digital infrastructure, Southeast Asia is fast becoming a hotspot for startups and digital nomads, according to the
4월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program an invaluable experience

Two Vietnamese startups selected to take part in Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program, Haravan and ELSA Speak, have recently completed a two-week boot camp at Google’s
4월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

APEC Startup Forum a new element of APEC 2017

The APEC Startup Forum, to be held on September 13 in Ho Chi…
4월 10, 2017/작성자: tester

HebronStar, Nominated as an outstanding company by 2017 HiSeoul Brand.

HebronStar, Nominated as an outstanding company by 2017 HiSeoul Brand. On January 22, Hebronstar has newely selected as 2017 HiSeoul Brand's BS(Business consulting
3월 10, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

GotIt! has new CEO

GotIt!, an on-demand marketplace founded by Mr. Tran Viet Hung, has a new CEO. The startup’s co-founder Mr. Peter Relan replaced Mr. Hung on February 23 and it launched its
3월 8, 2017/작성자: tester

All you need to know

One of Vietnam’s many young startup entrepreneurs, Mr. Pham Anh Duc passed the entrance exam at the Medical University but then decided to head abroad and study at a
3월 8, 2017/작성자: tester

Mekong accelerators launched

The Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST) Initiative has announced two new accelerators designed to make it easier and faster for innovative tourism businesses to get underway
3월 8, 2017/작성자: tester

Out of nothing

Just three days after being launched, revenue of DesignBold stood…
3월 8, 2017/작성자: tester

SBA, `2017 하이서울브랜드기업 지정서 수여식` 개최

서울시와 서울시 산하 중소기업 지원기관 서울산업진흥원(대표 주형철, 이하 SBA)은 지난 22일 '2017 하이서울브랜드기업 지정서 수여식'을 열고 서울시 우수 중소기업 공동브랜드 '하이서울브랜드' 신규
2월 27, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

게임 산업 현황

1. 글로벌 게임산업 현황 게임산업 리서치社 Newzoo에…
2월 15, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

VR/AR 산업 현황

1. 글로벌 VR/AR 산업 현황  VR/AR 시장의 활성화 * …
2월 15, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Agriculture development a key focus

Agriculture will be the most important focus for Vietnam’s economic development in the future, Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vu Tien Loc
2월 13, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Microsoft & Saigion Innovation Hub to support startups

Microsoft Vietnam and the Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB) have signed a strategic partnership on supporting, training, consulting and implementing startup projects in the
2월 13, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Number of newly-established firms hits record

The number of newly-established enterprises hit a record high of 110,100 in 2016, up 16.2 per cent against 2015, according to the Agency for Business Registration at the
2월 13, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

JLL: FDI keeps rolling in

JLL Vietnam has reported that Vietnam is seeing increasing levels…
2월 13, 2017/작성자: hebronstar


Between 2010 and 2016, there are several changes in the Vietnamese…
1월 31, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

2017년 베트남 자본시장 트렌드

2010년부터 2016년 사이에 베트남 경제에는 약간의…
1월 31, 2017/작성자: hebronstar


With the increase of technology industry in Vietnam, more and…
1월 31, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

베트남 ERP 시장의 미래

베트남의 기술산업의 발전이 증가하면서, 현지의…
1월 31, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

해외 주요 국영기업 벤더등록 가이드북

벤더등록이란? 벤더등록제도라는 것은 정부가…
1월 19, 2017/작성자: hebronstar


中国网购市场分析   中国网购市场状况及前景 2011年,智能手机的普及影响了网购市场的成长。 2015年中国网购市场交易规模达3.8万亿人民币,到2018您预计达到7.5万亿元。对韩国的网购市场规模62万亿韩币(约0.36万亿人民币),与中国比小11倍,而且考虑到成长率,向后的差距会变得更快。   以往的网购交易是用电脑为主,2011年电脑网购交易占总体网购交易的98.5%,2015年用手机App支付占55.5%。说明,如今智能手机变成网购支付核心手段,而且向后手机的普及率会更加影响网购市场。   目前中国网购市场主要已阿里巴巴(淘宝、天猫…
1월 19, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

중국 온라인 시장의 전망

중국 온라인 시장의 현황 및 전망 중국 온라인…
1월 19, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

수출기업화 성공 이끌 수행기관들

수출기업화사업 참여기업으로 선정된 기업들은…
1월 18, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

대규모 스타트업 축제 ‘글로벌 스타트업 컨퍼런스 2016:가을’ 11월 16일 개최

국내 최대 민간규모의 스타트업 컨퍼런스 '글로벌…
1월 18, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

경기도주식회사 4년차부터 흑자 경제성 충분하다

  남경필 경기도지사가 ‘공유적 시장경제’를…
1월 18, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Ho Chi Minh City provides financial assistance for startups

According to the municipal Department of Science and Technology, the support package is part of a program aimed at connecting the business community, schools, institutes
1월 5, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Vietnam-Canada duo help learners review schools with education startup

Vietnamese Ho Duc Hoan, 26, and Canadian Austin Carter, 24, met in France while the two were attending the Catholic University of Lyon back in 2013. With a common passion for
1월 5, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Vietnam’s Startup Scene Faces A Unique Set Of Cultural Challenges

Vietnam seems to have taken to the startup concept with all the gusto you would expect of this country. Although, the 21st century definition of the term is still something many
1월 5, 2017/작성자: hebronstar

Commentary: The Limits of Silicon Valley – how Indonesia’s Go-Jek Is Beating Uber

Viewed from the bubble of Silicon Valley, the world often…
12월 29, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Startup of Malikai Oil Field to Boost Malaysia’s Kimanis Exports

Singapore. Malaysia is expected to start oil production at…
12월 29, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Johannes Nugroho: Ahok, Sinophobia and the Economic Jihad

The blasphemy charge against the incumbent Jakarta Governor…
12월 29, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Dozens of Policy Packages on the Move as Govt Continues to Improve Investment

Jakarta. As the end of the year approaches, the government…
12월 29, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Startup policies in need of overhaul

The legal framework on startups doesn’t bear too many shortcomings as the Law on Enterprises is relatively similar to American law. The shortcomings mostly come from
12월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Local startups in good shape but improvements needed

Mr. Nguyen Hong Truong, Vice President of IDG Ventures Vietnam, shares his thoughts and provides some advice for the Vietnamese startups. The government has mentioned the
12월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Mekong Initiative for Startup Tourism launched

The Mekong Initiative for Startup Tourism (MIST) was launched in Ho Chi Minh City on November 18 to drive tourism sector growth in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and
12월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

HCMC announces support for startups

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has announced the introduction…
12월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Hebronstar and NATEC both signed on Memorandum of Understanding

TECHFEST, the largest annual event for Vietnam’s startup community, was hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology on 12th – 13th November, 2016 in
11월 29, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

The 4th Annual International Conference “Applied Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials”

On 17th – 18th November, 2016, Hebronstar attended the 4th Annual International Conference, which main topic was “Applied Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials”, at SHTP in
11월 22, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Microsoft joins Vietnam in supporting startup community

Microsoft Vietnam has signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation to back the local startup community in terms of information technology. The
11월 18, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Co-working spaces burgeoning in Ho Chi Minh City

Over the past few years, dozens of co-working spaces have sprung up in the southern metropolis, providing an auspicious new working space for fledgling and freelance
11월 18, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Nearly 170 investors attend TechFest Vietnam 2016 in Hanoi

TechFest Vietnam 2016, a startup festival, that closed in Hanoi on November 13 draw nearly 170 investors and over 3,000 visitors, according to the organising board. Addressing
11월 18, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

TechFest Vietnam 2016 helps boost startup movement

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Deputy Minister of Science…
11월 18, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타, 미국 Blue startup과 MOU 체결

경영 컨설팅 전문회사 헤브론스타 지난 9일 미국 Blue startups와 MOU를 체결했다. 이로써 국내 스타트업 기업들의 미국시장 진출을 위한 교두보를 마련할 수 있을 것으로 보인다. Blue Startups은 하와이 호놀룰루에 소재하고 있으며, Forbes로부터 2015년 top accelerator로 선정된 바 있다.
10월 27, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Vietnamese entrepreneurs talk culture of failure to local startup ecosystem

Eight young Vietnamese entrepreneurs have just come back from the U.S. after attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 held from June 22 to 24 in Palo Alto, California, the U.S.
10월 16, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Month of UK education and culture on way

To launch a month of cultural and educational activities from the UK, Zara McFarlane and her band will play before thousands of festival-goers on October 9 in Hanoi at the Monsoon Music Festival. Zara won the Best Jazz Act at MOBO (Music of Black Origin) 2014.
10월 12, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Vietnam-Korea ties promoted by K-Culture Supporters

A group of 15 Vietnamese youngsters were introduced at the Republic of Korea Cultural Center on March 27 and will work in support of cultural corporation between Vietnam and South Korea.
10월 12, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Know the setting

Most businesspeople, when considering business opportunities in a foreign country, would look at Hofstede’s cultural dimensions to foresee his or her difficulties, not only in competing with local competitors but also in integrating and getting along in a new business environment.
10월 12, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Trang An receives UNESCO heritage site certificate

The Trang An Landscape Complex in northern Ninh Binh province…
10월 12, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Planning comes for Da Nang’s Lien Chieu Port

Central Da Nang city is planning to build the Lien Chieu Port…
10월 12, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Call for better links between producers and distributors

The Association of Vietnam Retailers (AVR) is proposing the opening…
10월 12, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Ground broken at Saigon Silicon City Center

The Saigon Silicon Park JSC officially began construction of the Saigon Silicon City Center at the Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 9 on August 30.
9월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Government sets targets for e-commerce in 2016-2020

The Prime Minister has approved a comprehensive plan for developing e-commerce in the 2016-2020 period with specific targets set, according to Decision No. 1563.
9월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

HCMC proposes underground shopping center

The Ho Chi Minh City’s People Committee has sent a proposal to the government on permitting Japanese investors to build an underground shopping center where an urban railway station is being built at Ben Thanh Market.
9월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Safeguard measures introduced for steel imports

Vietnam has officially imposed import tariffs on steel billets and steel bars after more than four months of applying temporary safeguard measures. The Ministry of Industry and
8월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Investment tax incentives available

Vietnam will provide special tax incentives to enterprises in the science and technology and agriculture sectors. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) issued Circular No. 83/2016 on
8월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Ninh Thuan seeks investors for 57 projects

The Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee has recently approved a range of projects in which it seeks to attract investment during the 2016-2020 period. “The province is
8월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Local startups in good shape but improvements needed

The government has mentioned the possibility of having a fundraising…
8월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

HCMC calls for $4.5 bln in PPP for transport projects

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has recently submitted…
8월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

헤브론스타, 17일까지 해외 진출 목표 SW분야 스타트업 모집

글로벌 전략 컨설팅 업체 헤브론스타(대표 김형진)가 최근 ‘K-Global 엑셀러레이터 육성 사업’ 수행사로 선정, 벤쳐케피탈(VC) 및 엑셀러레이팅 업무를 새롭게 시작한다고 14일 밝혔다.
7월 15, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

$200 million Quang Tri solar power plant under consideration

AirCraft Company Vietnam-Germany GBR has submitted a plan to develop a $200 million solar power plant in central Quang Tri province. Mr. Tran Duy Phuong, Deputy Manager
7월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Enterprises have positive outlook for 2H

The number of enterprises increasing their capital or returning to operations both increased in the first half of the year, according to the figures from the Agency for Business
7월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Vietnam among Top 30 most attractive emerging retail markets

Vietnam has continually been among the world’s Top 30 most attractive emerging retail markets since 2008 in the Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) published annually
7월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Support for solar power development in south

Enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Long An, and Dong…
7월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

HCMC jobs growth rising

More than 41,400 new jobs were created in Ho Chi Minh City in the first four months of 2016, up 0.49 per cent year-on-year,
6월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Guest workers to again head to South Korea

South Korea and Vietnam will re-sign a suspended Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Vietnamese guest workers heading to
6월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Workforce training a must as AEC takes shape

It was 9pm at a luxurious restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Ms. Ngoc Mai, the 28-year-old receptionist manager, was about to finish a hard day’s work at the restaurant. But she stayed
6월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Bac Ninh industrial zone expands

Expansion work started on March 7 at the Yen Phong I Industrial…
6월 7, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

PernodRicard creating skilled bartenders

Today’s millennials are facing risks during the school-to-work transition. Young people with different work experience have different demand for jobs, skills, and training, and capacity to work.
5월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Life in limbo

Due to her family’s financial circumstances, at the age of 15 Ms. Kim Loan left school in her hometown in southern Binh Phuoc province to go to Ho Chi Minh City to find work. After a few years waiting tables at a restaurant, which was hard work and low paid, she became a street vendor.
5월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Work to do

It was 9pm at a luxurious restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Ms. Ngoc Mai, the 28-year-old receptionist manager, was about to finish a hard day’s work at the restaurant. But she stayed
5월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

J.P. Morgan tackling youth unemployment with local NGO

Global financial services firm J.P. Morgan and local vocational…
5월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Unemployment at 2.23% in Q1

Vietnam’s workforce totaled 54.4 million people aged 15 and above in the first quarter of the year, an increase of 761,800 people year-on-year, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO). 28.2 million were men, accounting for 51.8 per cent, and 26.2 million were women, or 48.2 per cent. The number of urban workers was 17.3 million, or 31.7 per cent, while rural workers totaled 37.1 million people, accounting for 68.3 per cent.
4월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

2016 unemployment rate expected at 2.2%

The expected stable economic growth in 2016 is projected to positively affect the labor market, curbing the unemployment rate among people of working age to 2.2 per cent. Following improvements last year the outlook for the labor market remains optimistic, according to the Director of the Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong.
4월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

First multi-employer employment agreement signed

Vietnam’s first multi-employer collective agreement was signed on January 14 by four tourism enterprises in central Da Nang city, the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Vietnam has announced. The agreement is expected to benefit 700 workers, 60 per cent of whom are women, employed by the Vietnam Vitours Tourism JSC, the Phuong Dong Viet Tourism JSC, the Phu An Thinh Trade and Tourism Co., and Saigontourane Hotel.
4월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Graduate unemployment heads upwards

The number of jobless graduates is on the rise in Vietnam, reaching…
4월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

First multi-employer employment agreement signed

Vietnam’s first multi-employer collective agreement was signed…
4월 5, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Implementation of 2016 minimum salary under review

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) has asked cities and provinces to evaluate the implementation of the minimum salary this year.
3월 22, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Salary increase a burden on enterprises

If the Prime Minister approves a proposal to increase the minimum salary by 12.4 per cent, enterprises say, then the commensurate increase in social insurance should be delayed to give them some breathing space. At a conference on
3월 22, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Right balance found in wage increase

The ILO congratulates the National Wage Council on a very open debate and process and a real move towards consensus by representatives over the three meetings. The ILO believes there has been very good development in Vietnam since the 2012 Labor Code, bringing both employers and trade unions to the table with the government through the National Wage Council to make recommendations on minimum wage adjustments. Many other countries have a similar process, some allowing a longer time to reach agreement.
3월 2, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Basic wage for government employees to increase from 2016

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh held a meeting recently on tasks for 2015, focusing on wage reform policy. The report from the meeting states that the current basic wage for socio-political staff, public servants and armed forces
3월 2, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Minimum salary increases kick in

Decree No.103 has increased minimum salaries throughout Vietnam from January 1. Minimum salaries are applicable in four different regions. The lowest and the highest increase in regional minimum salaries were $11.6 and $18.7, respectively. The monthly minimum in Region I increased from $127 to $145, in accordance with Decree No.103. In Region II it rose from $113 to $129, from $98.7 to $113 in Region III, and from $89 to $101 in Region IV.
2월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Increase to minimum salary proposed

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor has proposed minimum…
2월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Vietnam to raise minimum wage by 13 percent in 2016

The government has decided to raise the minium wage next year…
2월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Minimum wage to apply from January 1

The government has issued a Decree on the minimum wage to be…
2월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

VBF supports VCCI proposal on raising minimum wage

Ms. Virginia Foote, Chairwoman of the Vietnam Business Forum…
2월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Minimum wage to increase 12.4%

The National Wage Council has determined the minimum wage will…
2월 3, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Global trend of butt welding fittings

Butt welding fittings is considered as one of typical components…
1월 25, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Mergerbridge Opening Ceremony

KITIA would like to maximize its valuable network with the global…
1월 14, 2016/작성자: hebronstar


Indonesia’s benchmark stock index ended the first trading week…
1월 13, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

In-game advertising

Recently some advertising companies have begun using phrase “in-game…
1월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Office space and serviced residences in good shape

Mr. Lee Jong Kook, General Director of Lotte Coralis Vietnam,…
1월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Consumers willing to spend

Mr. Glenn Maguire, ANZ Chief Economist, South Asia, ASEAN &…
1월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

FMCG can win from greater consumer confidence

Mr. Vaughan Ryan, Managing Director of Nielsen Vietnam, tells…
1월 6, 2016/작성자: hebronstar

Emerging Market 동남아Market-Oriented M&A

동남아시아는 최근 해외직접투자(FDI)의 대상지로…
12월 24, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Officetel get ahead of Office !

Officetel - the combination model of office for lease and hotel,…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Early days

Mr. Nguyen Hong Truong, Vice President at IDG Ventures Vietnam,…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Social media management a crucial task

Mr. Charlie Pownall, Managing Director of CPC & Associates,…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Phu Quoc and the dream of Puket !

Phu Quoc Island has many advantages to become the tourism paradise…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Vietnamese still among most confident consumers

Nielsen report reveals consumer confidence rising slightly in…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Certainty needed for automobile industry

Mr. Yoshihisa Maruta, Chairman of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers'…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Non-GMO Soy Milk – New race!

The soy milk manufacturing industry became active when Hoang…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Investors keen on HCMC’s east

Mr. Neil MacGregor, Managing Director of Savills Vietnam, tells…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

TPP a major boost to growth

How would you comment on the signing of the TPP? ​ This really…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

South Korean investment exceeds $2 billion in Binh Duong

South Korea has become the third-largest investor in southern…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

New enterprises increase in August

August numbers up 84% year-on-year while eight-month numbers…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Reason to reform

Mr. Peter Ryder, Chief Executive Officer of Indochina Capital,…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Vim and Vigor

Amendments to the housing law permitting foreigners to buy have…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Joint effort

Investment in transport infrastructure  projects in the BOT…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Limitless prospects

The industrial property market has seen major growth in recent…
12월 23, 2015/작성자: hebronstar

Setting strategy in the new era: A conversation with Lowell Bryan and Richard Rumelt

Allen P. Webb This conversation is one of three installments…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

Eurozone tells Greece to ready new cuts, taxes

AOIFE WHITE (AP) BRUSSELS — European finance ministers bluntly…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

Asian Shares Mostly Up

11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

Greece’s troubles In search of credibility

The Economist print edition RARELY do chickens come home to…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

녹색성장에서의 사업 기회와 위협

녹색성장에서의 사업 기회와 위협 By Hyungjin…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

IMF calls for operational restructuring in Dubai

IMF calls for operational restructuring in Dubai By Ahmed…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

The future of the simulation industry

시뮬레이션 산업의 미래와 지향점 시뮬레이터…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

Opportunities in Globalization of domestic public-enterprise

Opportunities in Globalization of domestic public-enterprise By…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

Crises in Japan Ripple Across the Global Economy

MICHAEL POWELL In the wake of Japan’s cascading disasters,…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

한국 온라인 게임시장 분석

2010년 세계 게임시장 규모는 2009년 대비 5.5[%] 증가한…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

Office rental in Indonesia

2012년 인도네시아 부동산 경제 전년대비 40%…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

Labor forces and recruiting in emerging market, Indonesia

September, 2011 Arif Kim, HebronStar 인도네시아는 세계…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

한국 사회적 기업의 현주소와 시사점

한국 사회적 기업의 현주소와 시사점 사회적…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

인도네시아 교육시장 현황 및 시사점

인도네시아 교육시장 현황 및 시사점 BRICs에…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

화학제품 제조업체의 중국 생산거점 확보전략

2011년 중국 경제는 글로벌 경기침체 속에서도…
11월 19, 2015/작성자: mir9

National office in Southern Region – Ministry of Science and Technology worked with Daegu University (Korea) delegation.

On 22/4/2015, leaders of National Office in Southern Region -…
10월 14, 2015/작성자: mir9

Director General Vu Van Khiem met and worked with President of Hebronstar Co. Korea.

On 22/4/2015, leaders of National Office in Southern Region - Ministry of Science and Technology (SROMOST) had a meeting with Prof. Woong-Kyu...
10월 14, 2015/작성자: mir9
Corporte Finance

Corporte Finance

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