Forecast of Secondary Battery Market for EV

Since 1990s, with the growth of small electronic devices…
10월 12, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Humans are core value of success: VNG’s VP of Operations

The human factor is the premise for VNG’s pursuit of a new…
9월 21, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Vinpearl loss triples as pandemic hits tourism

Vinpearl Jsc, the hospitality and entertainment arm of conglomerate…
9월 21, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

European investors eye $984 mln logistics center in Vietnam

Belgian and Dutch firms have expressed interest in funding part…
9월 21, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb


The Vietnam video surveillance (CCTV) market is reported to continue…
9월 1, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

COVID-19 Survival Game

Since December last year, COVID-19 has spread to 214 countries…
8월 31, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Vietnam warned negative growth a possibility amidst Covid-19 comeback

Vietnam’s GDP could contract this year as a Covid-19 resurgence…
8월 18, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Food industry considers survival plans as Covid-19 spreads

ood and beverage businesses are trying to figure out survival…
8월 18, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Foreign investors’ net sell value narrows in Vietnam

Foreign investors are increasing their purchases of Vietnam stocks…
8월 18, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

How does Indonesia deal with Dementia?

As a developing country with the 4th largest population in the…
7월 30, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Indonesian businesses ramp up cybersecurity budget amid rampant attacks

Indonesian companies plan to increase their cybersecurity budget…
7월 29, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

15,000 workers in Tangerang have been laid off, says regent

Almost 15,000 workers have been laid off because of the COVID-19…
7월 29, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

MRT Jakarta to speed up transit-oriented development projects

As a capital city notorious worldwide for its traffic problems,…
7월 29, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Covid-19 crisis to rob more jobs as export orders plummet

The number of job cuts in Vietnam could rise in the second half…
7월 16, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Vietnam tightens corporate bond regulations

The Vietnamese government has issued a new decree that effectively…
7월 16, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Vietnam to allow public debt increase to stimulate economic recovery

Vietnam could allow a 2-3 percentage point increase in its public…
7월 16, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

What is the next station for processed market?

What is the next station for processed market?
Everyone loves…
6월 30, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Bank Indonesia expects rupiah to strengthen to 13,700 per dollar in 2021

Bank Indonesia (BI) expects the rupiah to strengthen further…
6월 23, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

SOE Ministry appoints Bukalapak cofounder as new Telkom Indonesia director

The State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Ministry has appointed e-commerce…
6월 23, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Four busy Commuter Line stations in Jakarta get makeover to smooth transfers

Commuters will hopefully find transferring between different…
6월 23, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

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