Changing the paradigm of taxi industry – Robotaxi

Autonomous vehicle are cars that can be driven automatically…
1월 18, 2021/작성자: hebronstarweb

Dilemma of the Ambitious Dream, Indonesia Capital City Relocation on Halt

Mr. Joko Widodo, the 7th president of Indonesia has decreed to…
1월 8, 2021/작성자: hebronstarweb

How can fruits from Vietnam delight customers in Korea?

Do you like fruits? What about imported fruits? What comes…
1월 8, 2021/작성자: hebronstarweb

Hebronstar, win an award of Ministry of Science & ICT at 2021 Research Industry Conference

Hebronstar Strategy Consultants received a commendation…
12월 8, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Smart Farm Market in China

Smart farm market in China is expected to achieve 267.6.1 billion…
12월 7, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb
Illustration. Ministry of Finance allocates funds for tobacco excise revenue of Rp 3.47 trillion in 2021

Indonesia Ministry of Finance allocates funds for tobacco excise revenue of Rp 3.47 trillion in 2021

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) stated…
11월 30, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb
Illustration. The government is currently preparing a draft RPP on the Implementation of Business Licensing in the Region.

Indonesia Government prepares RPP for business licensing in the region

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. The government is currently preparing…
11월 30, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Next year will be a good period for consumer goods issuers

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Demand for consumer goods will usually…
11월 30, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Vietnam small businesses most optimistic in Asia-Pacific about post-Covid recovery

Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises are the most optimistic…
11월 18, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Auto industry seeks to develop components segment

While the automotive industry’s target of using 35-45 percent…
11월 18, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Vietnam Airlines to get bailout funds after pandemic impacts

The National Assembly has approved several measures to help national…
11월 18, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Analysis on Serious Game market

The Serious Game market was valued at USD 6.69 billion, and…
11월 6, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Largest solar plant in Southeast Asia begins operating

The largest solar farm in Southeast Asia has been commissioned…
11월 2, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Long Thanh Airport price tag down $111 mln after assessment

The State Appraisal Council has reduced the cost of the first…
11월 2, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Samsung heir visits Vietnam to discuss possible investment plans

Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jae-yong departed for Vietnam…
11월 2, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

The prospect of Design Industry in Southeast Asia

The creative economy plays an important role in adding value…
10월 29, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Min-wook Kim, Vice president of Hebronstar, has received an award from the Minister of SMEs at the ‘2020 Seoul Small and Medium Enterprises Competition’

On the 21st October, Min-wook Kim, the CEO of Hebronstar…
10월 28, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Forecast of Secondary Battery Market for EV

Since 1990s, with the growth of small electronic devices…
10월 12, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Humans are core value of success: VNG’s VP of Operations

The human factor is the premise for VNG’s pursuit of a new…
9월 21, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

Vinpearl loss triples as pandemic hits tourism

Vinpearl Jsc, the hospitality and entertainment arm of conglomerate…
9월 21, 2020/작성자: hebronstarweb

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