The rapid growth of e-cigarettes in Korea

In the past five years, the share of e-cigarettes in the domestic…
June 7, 2022/by hebronstarweb

Indonesia’s $7.56b Trade Surplus in April Sets New Record

Indonesia booked a trade surplus of $7.56 billion in April, thus…
May 30, 2022/by hebronstarweb

Indonesia Sees Faster Manufacturing Sector Expansion in April

Indonesia's manufacturing sector expansion has accelerated in…
May 30, 2022/by hebronstarweb

Foreign Investors Show Interest in Indonesia’s 5G Network

Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate said…
May 30, 2022/by hebronstarweb


As technology development the speed of industries growth has…
May 3, 2022/by hebronstarweb

Singapore’s construction market, led by public construction, is recovering

In Korea, Singapore is known as an environment where Korean startups…
April 11, 2022/by hebronstarweb

The Green Taxonomy Program to a Better Environmental Outcome in Indonesia

Executive Summary

Sustainability has emerged as a key factor…
March 7, 2022/by hebronstarweb

Chinese Live Commerce Market 101

Live commerce is the method of introducing and selling products…
March 4, 2022/by hebronstarweb

AR-VR in the Online Events of Vietnam



Just as new opportunities rise within the…
January 20, 2022/by hebronstarweb

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: The New Trend?


1. Overview
The application of Artificial…
January 20, 2022/by hebronstarweb


1. Vietnam Business under Covid-19 impact
Covid-19 has strong…
January 20, 2022/by hebronstarweb

Vietnam – where the global value chain reshaping is opportunity

1. Executive summary:
The article illustrates the short-term…
January 20, 2022/by hebronstarweb

“If you want to grow a small but strong company, you need a ‘Seoul-type’ management consulting company”


Visiting 'Hebronstar', a certified company for…
December 27, 2021/by hebronstarweb

PCR test now mandatory for domestic flights as Health Ministry seeks to minimize false negatives

Even if you’re fully vaccinated, you now have to take the PCR…
October 28, 2021/by hebronstarweb

Indonesia formulates energy transition roadmap to achieve net zero emissions

Indonesia has created a roadmap for energy transition to achieve…
October 28, 2021/by hebronstarweb

Indonesia Begins Mandatory Halal Certification on Drugs, Cosmetics

All drugs and cosmetics imported, distributed, and sold in Indonesia…
October 28, 2021/by hebronstarweb

The Emerging of Indonesia’s Digital Economy for Startups Growth

Overview of Potential Startup Development in Indonesia

October 12, 2021/by hebronstarweb

Global investor trust in Indonesia improving

Foreign investors’ confidence in Indonesia is starting to improve,…
September 29, 2021/by hebronstarweb

Indonesia vows to continue transformation toward circular economy

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto…
September 29, 2021/by hebronstarweb

2.3 million new investors join capital market during pandemic

The number of new investors in the capital market increased by…
September 29, 2021/by hebronstarweb
Corporte Finance

Corporte Finance

Corporate finance is often not dealt with strategic viewpoint. However, financing, financial
restructuring, business withdrawal, financial inspection are ingredients to success in corporate finance.

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Retail Service

Consumer products companies are experiencing rapid change created by complex consumer behaviour, retail consolidation and emerging markets.?In this face-paced and environment, it is imperative to anticipate trends, identify implications and make informed decisions that support your business goals and differentiate you from the rest.