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Interview with Hebronstar

Many firms interview by asking candidates how they problem-solve; at Hebronstar, we have them show us. We believe we can better ascertain your skills, capabilities and ‘fit’ with our culture and values by having you demonstrate them rather than simply talk about them. For example, rather than asking you to share your approach to a business problem, we have you perform analysis and make specific recommendations on an actual business case adapted from real Hebronstar client work.

In general, we are looking for candidates to demonstrate three key characteristics:

– Capabilities: We test both analytic and interpersonal capabilities throughout the interview process in a variety of formats.
– Capacity to Learn: The capacity to learn new skills quickly is equally if not more important than your existing capabilities. You should be able to take feedback, learn from it and integrate it into your perspective and solutions.
– Commitment: Interest in and passion for the business problems our clients face and the opportunities and culture that define Monitor is something that we take very seriously.

Consulting is a challenging and exciting field; we want to hire consultants who will thrive in this environment and contribute to our community.

Experience Interview

Be prepared to discuss specific instances of when you’ve used skills and been challenged or stretched

When we decide to interview you, we are already impressed by your achievements to date. However, it is not just your achievements that are important to us – it is also the skills you used in order to accomplish those achievements.
Our interviewers are trained to examine your past accomplishments in depth, in order to determine if the skills you possess would position you well for a successful career at Hebronstar. Therefore, you need to be prepared to discuss your most important past experiences in a very detailed way, focusing on your specific role and describing the key actions that were critical to success.

Case Interview

Demonstrate your ability to structure thinking, respond to complex or ambiguous problems, and reach sound conclusions with limited facts in a short time

We believe the best way we can assess your problem-solving skills is to discuss a typical Hebronstar business problem with you, using a case study during your interview. Case interviews are broad, two-way discussions, rather than one-way tests and there is no perfect answer. You will be assessed more on how you go about dealing with the problem, rather than on the specific answers you come up with.

As you work through the business case with your interviewer, you will also become better informed about our firm and the kinds of problems we solve. Most candidates enjoy the cases and the business issues they raise. Your approach to the case and the insights you reach will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and help us get a sense of your potential.

Corporte Finance

Corporte Finance

Corporate finance is often not dealt with strategic viewpoint. However, financing, financial
restructuring, business withdrawal, financial inspection are ingredients to success in corporate finance.

Retail Service

Retail Service

Consumer products companies are experiencing rapid change created by complex consumer behaviour, retail consolidation and emerging markets.?In this face-paced and environment, it is imperative to anticipate trends, identify implications and make informed decisions that support your business goals and differentiate you from the rest.