Two apps developed by Indonesian youths enter App Store

Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto expressed his pride that Indonesian students created two apps that have been selected to be available on the App Store. The students graduated from the Apple Developer Academy.

“What I can say regarding the apps introduced by the graduates of the Apple Developer Academy is pride,” said Airlangga in Tangerang, Banten, on Tuesday.

According to Antara, the minister said he was optimistic that the 166 students who were at the graduation ceremony would contribute to the development of the electronic and telematics industry in Indonesia.

Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, said the applications presented by the students were very inspiring. She added the students at the academy, which is in Jakarta, really inspired her.

The two selected apps are called Helian and Khairan.

Helian is a shareable medical record app designed for giving care at retirement homes. It will help caregivers track daily activities, set reminders and share patients’ important statuses with fellow caregivers when needed.

Meanwhile, Khairan is an app to help the community of visually impaired Muslims to identify kiblah when they are going to pray.

During the occasion, the students also introduced other apps, such as Koda, for instance, that helps jobseekers practice interviews in Indonesian. The app will give feedback on the speed of speech, eye contacts and sound.

There is also an app named Nadi that helps to find a matching blood donor in emergency situations.

Meanwhile, Talo connects travelers with limited time to experts at the destination for unusual cultural experiences and other adventures.

Last but not least, an app named Ainun helps the visually impaired to identify rupiah bills, and it is developed to become an app for everyone to identify fake money using additional UV light.


[Source : TheJakartaPost. March 16th 2019]