Facebook & Haravan boost Messenger marketing and chatbots

Two organize summit in HCMC introducing potential trends in marketing and chatbot platforms.

Businesses that can capture the tendency of automating or personalizing the customer experience will see a difference in digital marketing in 2019. Understanding this, Haravan and Facebook last week coordinated to organize an event to introduce potential trends and a chatbot platform on Facebook Messenger for automated customer care, called Harafunnel.

At the event, Mr. Anand Arivukkarasu, Product Growth Manager at Facebook, spoke of valuable data published for the first time by Facebook as well as the potential of Messenger Ads in digital marketing and e-commerce.

“There are 10 billion messages between customers and businesses every month on Messenger,” he said. “This shows that customers are changing their behavior in approaching products and merchandisers, and merchants and marketers should seize opportunities to create touch points with them.”

Ten leading experts in digital marketing, technology, and e-commerce also shared insights into engagement marketing. They agree that keeping in touch with customers is not simple, and besides creating content that may interest customers, 2019 will also require businesses understand and personalize the user experiences based on data, optimize purchase conversion rates, and automate customer care with chatbots. Understanding and applying these techniques will help merchants and marketers stay abreast of trends in digital marketing and e-commerce.

In Vietnam, Haravan was the first company (on January 5) to provide a chatbot platform and a Facebook Messenger advertising management platform under the name Harafunnel. The platform allows merchants to build a chatbot system that can automatically become a sales assistant and conduct customer care 24/7, while taking advantage of customer data to sell products with low advertising costs.

Furthermore, with the built-in Facebook Messenger advertising management system, Harafunnel also supports businesses to approach the right target audience, helps increase advertising effectiveness, and save on the cost of advertising to the wrong audience. Haravan also recently became the only Official Technology Marketing partner of Facebook in Vietnam.

“Facebook Messenger and the Harafunnel chatbot is a potential marketing method for Vietnamese businesses, especially e-commerce businesses,” said Mr. Huynh Lam Ho, CEO of Haravan. “It helps businesses reach customers directly and easily through mobile phones with friendly and clear messages, helping them create a relationship between brands and customers and thus exploiting the purchases of old customers and loyal customers. Businesses can easily apply this technology despite being large or small, with no need to invest in high-cost resources, and the system is fully automated.”

One year after officially launching the Harafunnel chatbot in Vietnam, Haravan had more than 60,000 Facebook fanpages as at December, with business results beyond expectations. Harafunnel is ready to help online businesses in Vietnam keep pace with trends in engagement marketing and to use chatbots effectively to increase revenue, conduct automated customer care 24/7, and reduce human resources.

With recognition and constructive support from Facebook, Haravan will provide the chatbot platform to the international market this year, starting with Thailand and the Philippines, where e-commerce markets are similar to Vietnam, to realize the dream of bringing Vietnamese technology to the world.

[Source: vneconomictimes 8th January 2019]