Hebronstar Ventures, Global Demo Day ADVANCE 6 in SEOUL successfully closing

Hebronstar Ventures successfully hosted a demo day and networking party for local startups and investors on June 28. Seoul, a global demo day series Advance 6, is a venue for domestic and foreign influential investors to showcase their unlimited investment value.

Networking party was held after the startup’s IR pitching, providing a pleasant and informative position with investors and startup experts. Advance 6 Seoul was hosted by Hebronstar Advance, Hebronstar Ventures, Global Youth entrepreneur foundation, and Daegu National University.

At the event, a total of 10 startups, including ▲Cookielanguage, ▲Sijeong, ▲PumpingTEN, ▲ Cleanbedding Ititiative, ▲TipiAll, ▲EyeQ 12months, ▲BillFish, ▲LittleFriend. Investors actively investing in various fields such as AR, VR, sports, and block chain gave keen evaluation and encouragement.