Hebron Star Ventures, successfully finished ‘ Design Eureka 2018

‘Hebron Design Eureka 2018’ was held at Seongnam Korea Design Center on the 25th with the operation of Hebron Star Ventures.

The event was hosted by an exhibition of items by the team, an IR (Enterprise Description Society) pitching, distribution and buyer counseling, and networking.

‘Design Eureka 2018’ has increased and expanded its business performance by attracting investments from generation converged businesses, supporting distribution and markets, and has provided follow-up investments with distributors, VC and Angel investors by carrying out networking events.

A total of 21 startups participated in the event, which were formed by matching ideas of young people with skills, experience, and network. Among them, it was planned to receive positive responses from distributors and buyers through the company called ISUS Lab, One-Day One Communications Co., and Emes Art and Design, which were invited through Hebron Star Ventures.

Meanwhile, Hebron Star Ventures will host the Global Demo Day in Seoul in Gangnam on Thursday, June 28, 2008, and the event will consist of startup pitching and VC networking parties.