Automobile Convenience

◈ Definition and Categorization of Automobile comfort device
Automobile device is divided by three parts, ‘Chassis’ (Powertrain, Frame, Driving device), ‘Body’ (Exterior and Interior material), and other devices (safety, multimedia, and comfort device), and is classified as driving, access, temperature, vision, seat, other support devices, and ECU, based on its function.
Comfort device can be defined part and module that improve all driving and non driving situation, and it is operated by driver’s direct control and usually consists of an HMI or sensor input, a control unit (ECU), and a motor or actuator.
Recently convenience devices are becoming very important due to the enhancement of driver convenience and changes in communication methods, which by mega trend of automobile industry.

Automobile Comfort Device

source : Hebronstar Vice President Jae Hoon Jeong