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1980 (Mike Vogel) awards research Lee Strobel’s legal editor of the Chicago Tribune to earn promotion. Things are not going so well at home. His wife (Erika Christensen) is a faith in Christ Lela Lee’s journalism and legal claims of Christianity obukada erabilisaiatu zishtovhnuvshy her faith grows strong refute atheism.

Hard disk journalist Lee Strobel is exactly where you expect to be working: top. nahorodyzhurnalistski research recently zasluzhipravno ChicagoTribune editor.But almost werent, and his wife Leslies etxeanon gain faith in Christ to go against Lee all believe – or not believe – as a firm atheist. Lee pravniobuka using his journalistic and a search to expose the claims of Christianity in order to save the marriage begins to decline. for all we know to be true results may bzminyty jazartzekoustekabeko his career, Lee has a long history in the face.