The rapid growth of e-cigarettes in Korea

In the past five years, the share of e-cigarettes in the domestic tobacco market has grown rapidly.

The main reason for the rapid increase in demand for e-cigarettes is that the quantity of toxic substances is less than regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are not burned by lighting like regular cigarettes, but drink steamed gases. People believe that e-cigarettes produce toxic substances less than inhaling the contents after lighting them directly. In addition, in the process of steaming with high fever, it smells less than cigarettes, does not smell even when smoking indirectly, and it is relatively less inconvenient for people. Therefore, the demand has increased due to changes in the working environment caused by COVID-19.

However, according to a WHO report, there is clear evidence that e-cigarettes are harmful to the human body and they do not help prevent nicotine addiction neither. At the same time, a research team from the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Southern California showed that indirect smoking of liquid e-cigarettes increases the possibility of causing respiratory diseases such as shortness of breath and bronchial symptoms by two to three times more. The vapor of liquid-type e-cigarettes is an aerosol heated in a liquid containing glycol, glycerol, chemical flavoring, and nicotine, and emphasized that it contains volatile compounds and metals that harm lung tissue.

The rapid growth of e-cigarettes in Korea is caused by changing in the form of working condition, such as remote working due to COVID-19, that has less restriction in indoors and public places, and less harmful to the human body. It should be noted that e-cigarettes have the same risk as regular cigarettes, and 9 out of 11 elements of aerosol-type cigarette smoke are thicker than or equal to the concentration of cigarette smoke, and there is no evidence that the risk of indirect exposure to aerosol is reduced.

If you are changing the way you smoke with e-cigarettes because of the dangers of cigarettes, it would be better to think again after re-considering various research studies and experts’ opinions.

Hebronstar Strategy Consultants
Kim, Ha Yeong / Business Analyst