Finding Buyers in Vietnam & Indonesia : Market Pioneer Team

Finding buyers in Vietnam and Indonesia to meet the needs of each company requires more steps and tasks than expected. After collecting the company’s industry, main product, export direction, and target buyers, they find a suitable buyers, create a long list, and refine the list through feedback from participating companies based on the lists, After refining works, it will be secured and Final Buyer lists; And so many small tasks about this work will be needed.

I think about Market Pioneering Work, there isn’t anything without going through the Hebronstar Advance team

The future direction and strategy of the market development group is simple. It is to understand the needs of each participating company and to clearly understand their products. For example, if a company that studies coding education through drones joins a market pioneer, it has to be clear what coding education technology can be used to convincing buyers and which buyers they want, If institutions such as universities are secured as buyer lists during the market research stage, it is necessary to suggest and persuade what it is like to meet other buyers by asking and suggesting the ideas of participating companies.

Even If it is same product, Vietnam & Indonesia’s target buyer can be different. So we needed to focus each company one by one. So Mainly most important thing is understanding what our attending company’s main products and matching suitable buyers, Helping them to make a contract each other; MOU. We should be involved and controlled all the stages and works about Finding Buyers, Market Pioneer Team.



Hebronstar Insight, Advance
Kim, Se In / Associate Expert